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Building Renovations near me, Johannesburg

We are a Johannesburg based building renovations compampy offering our clients a unique and dynamic experience in remodelling enviroments with a holistic view to your requirements. Therefore we tackle every part of your renovation from floors up, to windows, to ceilings

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    Building Services

    Building Services: We offer our expertise for a wide range of projects from our Kempton Park artisans, and we can tackle any installation, repairs and maintenance services. You can trust our professionals to complete the job safely and efficiently.We are committed to providing excllent workmanship to all jobs, large and small, that may arise in your home or commercial property. Our services includes but limited to:

    Capentry Services

    Plumbing Renovations Services: Make sure your project is done proffessionally by letting our Kempton Park capenter handle any capentry Renovations/Remodelling projects. Our Proffessional team has extensive experience in capentry Renovations from Residential homes/Appartments to commercial buildings. Our Services includes but not limited to:

    Renovations and Remodelling services

    BUILDING/RENOVATIONS SERVICES: As Lebtech Projects we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality construction services. Our team of proffessionals have extensive experience of new installations, repairs and maintenance in residential and commercial buildings. All our artisans are qualified through the respective certification boards. Our Services includes but not limited to:

    If you need to find local Building renovations/Remodelling near you company with emergency builders who cover all Building renovations/remodelling in, Johannesburg, gauteng then get in touch with Leb-Tech Projects( PVT) LTD.

    We are here to fit the needs of your electrical, plumbing and building services.


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